Please find below a list of teacher resources I found to be helpful during my teaching career. I have placed them in a variety of categories.

Interesting Articles

While taking the journey towards my Diploma in Educational Technology I have come across some interesting articles along the way. Some of the more interesting ones I would like to share.

Article comparing Teaching Styles and Multiple Intelligences by Barbar Prashnig. If you feel these two philosophies are similar then this is worth a read.

Another interesting article by Luanne Eris Fose entitled To Address Student Multiple Intelligences and Learning Styles.

So how can one incorporate Multiple Intelligence with Multimedia. Here is a two-part article that may shed some light on that very topic.

Joseph D. Novak the founder of Concept Mapping provides a very detailed overview of the theory behind concept mapping how to construct them.

While working on my second assignment I was in charge of creating a concept map. I came across an interesting article that helped make the journey through mind mapping a much easier transition. This article will help provide a few suggestions on what mind mapping tools are available to the user.

5 Mind Mapping Tools to Find Your Next Big Idea

Donna Duncan, Laura Lockhart and Lisa Ham provides a detailed How-To-Do-it Manual for teaching research using Web 2.0 tools and digital resources.

Article entitled “Digital Education: Comparison In Attitudes” by David Dawson discusses the finding of a study where the hypothesis stated "there is a disconnect between the digitally capable students and digitally challenged educators in schools with laptop programs, limiting effective use of DT in the classroom" With the current trend towards 21st century learning this article is an interesting read.

Article by Chad de Kretser entitled "Why Teacher Need To Get Proactive With Technology In The Classroom". This article is a nice read and provides a variety of ways to be proactive with teaching in the classroom using web 2.0 as an example.

A nice read for any classroom teacher dealing with assessment and evaluation and criteria reference testing

A very informative article for anyone looking to implement a BYOT (Bring Your Own Technology) policy for their school environment.

To further provide information to help one to have all the possible information to help make a decision of whether a BYOT Policy is something your school may consider I have provided a document released by the Dept. of Alberta Education.