This section has a list of technology lessons that I have used in my classroom that have been very enjoyable for my students. Please feel free to look through the various projects. I hope it inspires you in some way to develop you own for your students.

1. Welcome to our Lab

This is a lesson I did with my grade three students as a means to promote our computer lab. After discussing ideas with my students we decided to do a PowerPoint presentation outlining what our class does during technology throughout the school year. The next question was how were we going to inform parents. It was decided that during curriculum night parents would be invited the computer lab on open house and view the presentation. Here is the outline for the presentation and the accompanying presentation.

2. Newfoundland Lighthouses

This is a lesson I did with my grade five students in social studies. Students were responsible to promote the province of Newfoundland and Labrador as tourists guides. It was decided to think about our province and decide on which aspect should the focus be placed. It was decided to create a photo story presentation outlining some of the famous light houses on the island and encourage people to come visit our province.

3. Vowels

This is a lesson which was hatched during a guided reading lesson with my grade 3 class. During the beginning of our class one of my students asked the question. “Mr. Taylor which vowel is the most popular?” Thinking about it for a little bit I decided to pursue the matter further with my group of grade 3 students. First we needed to determine what was meant by the term popular? Then we needed to find out was the question directed towards the reading stream of language or writing. After a lengthy discussion with my students we came up with an interesting question to investigate as a group. Our question was “which of the following vowels A, E, I, O, U appear the most frequent in children’s literature and which vowel appears the least?

4. Where in the World

For the past seven years St. Andrew’s Elementary School has become an ESL (English Second Language) school. To bring all students together as a family school I decided to do a simple project where students studied a little about our new students. Through a simple WebQuest students had to perform a set number of tasks where the desired outcome allowed our students to appreciate where our students have come from in the world but more importantly why their family had to make the move. Students really found this to be a very enjoyable activity.

To finish off our project we decided to take all the countries represented within school and place them inside Google Earth. From there we created a video of where all our students are from in the world.

5. Book Review

This was a project I did with my grade 5 and 6 students. Students were given the opportunity to select a chapter book from the school resource center. They were given one week to read the book and then proceed to create a digital review of the book for the purpose of giving it a "yay" or "nay" for the students in the school.

Students were introduced to book reviews by visiting amazon. While visiting the site we discussed a number of books selected by students and read the online reviews. Students were asked what the purpose of writing reviews of books would serve other individuals. When writing reviews students also realized the importance of writing a cleaver review without giving away to much critical information from the book where the review would act as a spoiler rather than a review.

The purpose of the review project was to create a binder for the school resource center containing the book reviews of students. This would provide an opportunity for students to increase their reading and to also provide an opportunity to write a reflective piece on the read material. Students thoroughly enjoyed the process and welcomed the feedback other students in the school provided.

Below is a sample review from one of my grade six students.