Educational Technology in recent years has bloggers spread out all over the Web, I have created a listing of some of the most popular, controversial, or informative blogs that I have followed over the years. They are not presented here in any particular order.

"2¢ Worth is just that, it’s the change in my pocket at one particular moment. It is a place where I record the thoughts and ideas that shape themselves in my head as I read, listen, talk, and observe. I write in this blog to have my ideas criticized, deconstructed, recombined, added to, and, when possible, to be used."
Blogger: David Warlock

Host: Richard Byrne

This is a wonderful site filled with anything and everything related to technology. With the new trends on the market to the how toos when using the various forms of technology then this is the site for you. T.W.I.T. is a streaming technology podcast with a multitude of category shows. Check it out you will not be disappointed.
Host: Leo Laporte

Great resource for free and inexpensive materials along with a Blog that is both useful and reflective. Blogger: Michael Gorman

Two teachers blogging about 21st century teachers and learners.
Bloggers: Donna Herold, Nicole Welding

If you like photography and education then this is a nice blogging site for you.
Blogger: Christina Lee

A nice blogging site where education and technology intersect.
Blogger: Scott McLeod’s

With our current move towards 21st century learning in the classroom, Teach42 share discoveries and ideas leading to innovative learning experiences.
Blogger: Steve Dembo

A very in-dept blogging site from PBS.

If you want to find out what the new and free technology is available for educators then this is the site for you.
Blogger: Richard Byrne

A cool blogging site where web 2.0 meets the classroom.

This is an edublog about integrating technology into the classroom.

For teachers who want to find new and different ideas for using the interactive whiteboard then this site will deliver.