WEEK 1: Sept 10-16

During the first week of the course time was spent on getting to know the other participants. Introducing oneself and describing your educational background along with your current teaching assignment. This brief biography allowed others get to know a little about you as well as you with others. This was a help especially since one of the requirements was to select groups for major course work. By finding individuals with similar interest would make the journey throughout the duration of the course more applicable to your area of concentration. I must say after a first glance it appears to me that there is quite a cross section of individuals taking this course ranging from elementary teachers to high school teachers to individuals working outside of the school system all together. We have individuals working here in Canada and also abroad. This will be very interesting indeed and I look forward to hearing their opinions on the various topics throughout the course.

WEEK 2: Sept 17-23

One of the requirements for the course had participants forming groups of no more than four. Throughout the length of the course a major project needed to be developed and submitted to the forum for analysis and feedback. One of the difficulties I found when forming my group was trying to find other participants of similar teaching duties that match mine. Where my current teaching duties deal with students age 5 - 12 it was important to find other teachers of similar background. To make this online course a more relevant journey for me I feel that working with other professionals working in the same age category as me would provide a greater opportunity to discuss relevant situations we as teachers deal with in our school community. The best thing about that would be to see how other teachers who teach in different parts of Canada and abroad deal with similar situations. Beginning this week participants were assigned readings where feedback was required and posted to the forum. Once responses were submitted to the forum, participants were required to respond to other submitted responses and engage in dialogue concerning the assigned topic. I found this to be a worthwhile endeavor given that you can explore and discuss educational issues with colleagues and relate how these topics work within the teaching world. However I must admit that the amount of interaction and discussion with other participants about the assigned articles is lacking in my opinion. Maybe it is early in the course so it will be interesting to see if this trend will continue.

When one begins to read about current trends in education and technology and the theory around it one has to think how this applies to my situation. It makes one think on a professional level whether or not theory actually played a role in the real learning environment and if so how it could improve teaching methods. I have been teaching for over twenty years and believe that to be able to read about the current theory in educational technology and reflect and compare it to my own experiences in the classroom has proved to be an invaluable endeavor. I would certainly recommend that individual teachers looking to do something similar online do so only after spending some time in the real teaching world. It would provide a much more meaningful experience to the teacher. By reflecting on their work experience when reading and discussing learning theory, instructional design and informational technology they will have a much more rewarding journey. In addition it also allows other teachers the opportunity to share in your teaching experiences as you with theirs as it relates to theory and how to apply it to the real teaching world environment.