“A WebQuest is a learning environment supported by extensive Internet and other resources which prompts learners to inquire and construct meaning through collaborative research, critical thinking and decision making” (Kylie Hanson).

Review the Disney Learning Partnership Workshop (Month 8) on WebQuests.


David Thornburg: As more kids gain access to technology in their homes and gain access to the World Wide Web, some teachers might decide that they don't need to focus on that so much. "Well, the kids have access to this at home, so I don't need to put special emphasis on it." And the danger of that is, while it is true that many of our kids have developed tremendous technological skills, (they know how to turn the equipment on, they know how to gain access), it doesn't mean that they have the research skills or the wisdom to know how to make meaning out of the stuff that they're finding. And that's where human intervention in the form of teachers working side by side with the students becomes more important now than ever.

Dr. Thornburg Interview

How accurate do you think Thornburg is in his comments on teacher/student interactions?

Although I agree with Mr. Thornburg’s comments about having teachers and students working side by side working with computers and technology. It is this symbiotic relationship that will provide the best possible learning environment to engage students about technology and how it can be such a beneficial tool for learning. This falls completely within the framework of the constructivist style classroom where students have a say in what is going on and also to reflect on their own personal experiences working with technology and developing the skills to become independent thinks.

The one small thing I disagree with Mr. Thornburg is his statement “Well, the kids have access to this at home, so I don’t need to put special emphasis on it.” If we use this analogy with reading then there would not be a need for language arts. When students have access to books at home then why do we need to address it at school. I know this is somewhat trivialized but my point is that just because individuals have access to something I really don’t think and conscience teacher would use that as a reason to avoid teaching about that area.