EDUC 5105: Designing Web-Based Learning

This course will provide an in-depth look at the various learning theories and Multiple Intelligence Theory. Learner-based inquiry models (such as I-Search and WebQuest) will be used as the vehicle explore the principles of web page design in a constructivist-based learning framework

This is one of the course requirements for the Graduate Diploma in Educational Technology. This program is designed to improve the technological skills of classroom teachers and to provide an in-depth exploration of the integration of technology across the curriculum. It is appropriate for teachers of all subject areas. Computer access is required as the program is delivered entirely over the World Wide Web. This program may lead to further education through a Master of Education (Information Technology) program.

The required courses for this program are listed

  • EDUC5108 Educational Technology for the Practicing Teacher
  • EDUC5115 Research Methods for Education
  • EDUC5101 Assessment of Software and Information Technology Applications for Education
  • EDUC5103 Integration of Instructional Design and Information Technology
  • EDUC5104 Application of Learning Theory in Education Multimedia Design
  • EDUC5105 Designing Web-Based Learning
  • EDUC5106 Technology Planning for Educational Environments
  • EDUC5107 Information Management in Education Environments
  • EDUC5800 Applied Research Project